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  • Bextra Bale Feeder - The Most Efficient Bale Feeder On The ...

    "That's what prompted Trevor Lienemann, owner and entrepreneur of Lienetics Ranch to develop the Bextra Bale Feeder. Being a CPA and Cattlemen, and knowing there had to be a more efficient way to feed cattle, and maximize hay savings, he began by designing the original cone hay-saving …

  • Behlen haysmart round bale feeder - YouTube

    Jan 18, 2016· Feeder Panels/Corral Feed Line ... Scientific Hay Monster & Hay Maximizer from GoBob Pipe and Steel - Duration ... Attaching your Hay Chix hay net to a round bale feeder - Duration: ...

  • Ranger Gate Company | Hay Saver

    THE HAY SAVER. Galvanized "Hay Saver" - Available in 1 or 2 Bale Options "Proven to Save Hay" - See Test Results. ** Custom designs and options available

  • The Savers | Welcome to Save Hay.com

    Self Unloading Hay Bale Trailer a Life Saver I had made a deal with a conditioning yard to provide hay and they could only unload me 2 to 3 hrs. each afternoon. I purchased a GoBob 40 ft. hay trailer that unloads with little to no effort and …

  • Titan Cattle Feeder subheader=3-Piece S-Bar Hay Feeder ...

    Jul 05, 2017· Tarter's Titan Cattle Feeder is designed for large round bale feeding to cattle. This proven, heavy duty product is engineered to withstand the harshest environments and herds of all sizes. It is constructed with 1-3/4" round high-tensile strength steel tubing and is also offered with a 17" Hay Saver ring for feed savings.

  • Cattle Feeders – Linn Post & Pipe

    Our hay-saver bale feeders all but eliminate the waste and are made to outlast cheaper made feeders giving the best buy for your dollar. Built out of 2-3/8″ OD pipe and has a coped and welded frame, this Heavy-Duty feeder keeps the bale 20″ off the ground and has metal skirting to keep the hay in the feeding …

  • Central Welding Company - CWC PRODUCTS

    BaleSaver Hay Feeders. bale spear for skid steer. Bale Transports. MORE. 31 December 2015. Farm and Livestock Directory. New bale feeder by CWC. central welding company bale feeder. 28 December 2015. High Plains Ag Journal. Heavy Duty Bale Feeder. Click below to view our bale feeders. c entral welding company bale spear.

  • HAY$AVERS - EFS Distributing

    $491.67 per year costs for feeder and lets say we will save you 1/3 of the hay you feed over round ring feeders. 1st year cost ($491.67) less hay savings. 1/3 HAY SAVED at $40.00 per ton or $30.00 per 1500lb bales or $10.00 per bale fed x 50 bales fed is $500.00. 1st year cost $500.00 less $492.00 = …

  • LAG Industries Cradle Style Hay Saving Feeders

    LAG Industries combines the best of both worlds with the cradle style hay saver bale feeders. Having the bales elevated off the ground eliminates waste from bale rot and the storage that is created underneath the feeder keeps cattle from stepping and laying on the hay that they drop.

  • Cattle ranchers cut back on hay costs during winter feeding

    Jan 10, 2013· "A square hay bale feeder has metal bars that cows must stick their heads through to get to the hay bale inside," explains Bob Studebaker, owner GoBob Pipe and Steel, an innovative farm supplier that first introduced its original Hay Conserver square hay bale feeder to market about six …

  • Hay Saver Feeders - Light Livestock Archive - Light Livestock

    Forage Alternatives With limited hay supplies this year, you may be interested in alternatives. Read this article for more information. Savings on hay waste will pay for the cost of the feeder in one to two years! All of our feeders are designed with saving hay in mind! The average savings has been calculated at 20%- 50% from other types of hay feeding.

  • Diller HaySaver Horse Feeders

    Hay-Saving horse feeders. Building on Diller Ag Equipment's nearly 30 years of experience, Diller Equine is leading the industry today with innovative hay feeders for horses. Along every step of the development process, Diller Equine feeders have been designed with the needs of the equine industry.

  • Action Signs And Billboards, Inc. - Hay Feeder Gallery

    Hay hopper cattle feeder, hay feeder, round bale feeder, hay saver feeder, hay saving feeder, What ever you want to call it our hay hopper cattle feeder will greatly reduce your hay waste. With our chain hopper the bale lays in the hopper and not on the ground.

  • 28+ Gobob Feeders – Design Gallery

    kuudesign.com - Gobob Feeders GoBob guarantees our hay feeders will not rust out for 10 years on the Hay Monster and 7 years on Hay Conserver feeders. If your feeder should rust through in the first 3 years, bring it back and we will replace it with a new feeder!Scientific hay feeder.

  • Ranger Gate Company | Hay Saver

    Animal Well-being > Roughage Feeders > The Hay Saver . THE HAY SAVER. Galvanized "Hay Saver" - Available in 1 or 2 Bale Options "Proven to Save Hay" - See Test Results. ** Custom designs and options available . Product Images . Download Brochure: Product Number: Description: 320-023-01 ...

  • Bale Barns - HOME

    One of the oldest covered hay feeders out there just got re-engineered for today's market. Bale Barns have retained strength with solid, one piece construction. Bale Barns have an increased stance, a reinforced base, tapered sides, and are now easier to transport.

  • Best hay saver feeder available. Hay saving feeder has 24 ...

    Can load hay into the hay saving feeder with a bale bed or tractor and loader; Hay saving feeders are also easy to carry when fully assembled with either a bale bed or tractor and loader; All hay saver feeders are painted green just like the rest of our livestock equipment

  • Tips to Reduce Winter-Feeding Hay Costs for Beef Herd – WI ...

    Jan 10, 2012· In the pictures, the ring feeder has a hay saver panel whereas the cone feeder does not. The cone feeder could be improved by placing a 'hay saver' panel at the bottom. A final tip to help reduce feed losses is to place a new bale in the feeder when only 10% of the bale is left.

  • Hay Saver Horse Feeder - Craig Cameron Store

    The Diller Hay Saving Large Bale Horse Feeder was designed with feedback from experts in the equine industry. The principal focus in the development of this horse feeder is a rack which restricts hay consumption and ground waste common to round bale hay feeders used for horses.

  • Hay Bale Feeder | Oklahoma | Western Pro Feeders

    The Western Pro Feeder is the safest and most efficient feeder on the market. Built from 12GA American Made Steel, This feeder will last for decades.

  • GOBOB Pipe & Steel - Christensen Ranches

    Hay Conserver feeders from GoBob Pipe and Steel. Constructed of 2-7/8 and 2-3/8" pipe. They guarantee you an animal will not tear them up! Holds Round or Square Bales. Feed up to 30% less hay. Structural and Rust Out Warranty!!! Square Bale Cow Hay Feeder 8.5ft X 10.5ft - $1200 Monster Round Bale Hay Feeder 8.5ft X 8.5ft - $1000

  • Hay Feeders Hay Savings Chart - Save Hay, Save Money ...

    See how much hay you can save with Klene Pipe's "Hay Saver" Hay Feeders vs other feeders. Made from steel and built to last. Our horse and cattle hay feeders are 93% efficient when it comes to saving hay.

  • Selecting a round-bale feeder - Progressive Cattleman

    Mar 23, 2012· Round-bale feeder design affected hay waste and economics but not safety, hay intake or herd weight change during horse feeding. The use of a round-bale feeder, regardless of design, is necessary to avoid 57 percent hay waste, reduced hay intake and horse weight loss observed when not utilizing a feeder.

  • Cattle Hay Feeders - Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

    Cattle Large Square Bale Hay Feeder. ... Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panels with Hay Saver . Cattle Grain Feeders. Featured. Adjustable Hay & Grain Feeder. Metal Grain Feeder. 5′ or 10′ Heavy-Duty Bunk Feeder. Economy Bunk Feeder subheader=10' Economy Bunk Feeder. 5' & 10' Poly Bunk Feeder …

  • Scientific Hay Feeder - GoBob Pipe and Steel

    Revolutionary Design. GoBob Pipe & Steel introduced, arguably the first commercial hay feeder that reduced waste in 2003. There is no question, however, that GoBob's Hay Conserver and Hay Monster feeders were the very first square and rectangular shaped feeders on the United States market.

  • Hay Saver Feeder Insert - Midwest Livestock

    Convert your existing round bale feeders into a hay saver for a fraction of the cost of other hay savers or feeder wagons. The Convert-a-Bull Feeder inserts into your existing feeder and keeps the bale centered with any loose hay remaining inside the feeder. It also prevents spoilage by keeping the hay off the ground. Reports indicate hay …

  • Hay Feeders for Horses - Hay Saver Horse Hay Feeders ...

    Klene Pipe's "Hay Saver" Hay Feeders for horses are specially designed to save hay so you save Money and Time! Our square or round bale feeders for horses are made from high quality materials, our hay saver feeders will withstand the elements for years to come.

  • Preparing Cattle Facilities for ... - Hay and Forage Grower

    Unlike traditional feeding rings, where cattle stand outside the feeder, tear the hay out, and let the excess fall from their mouths to be trampled and wasted, "Hay Conserver" feeders force cattle to place their heads through metal bars to get the hay. Any feed the cows drop falls back into the feeder …

  • Saving money with hay feeders - Progressive Cattleman

    Jan 25, 2012· "Some feeders are rather heavy and will need a front-end loader to drop the bales into, while some feeders can just be placed over your bale," he said. Bob Studebaker, owner of GoBob Pipe and Steel, also sells hay feeders and says producers should be selective in how they pick hay-feeding …

  • Hay Conserving Hay Bale Feeders - the Hay Conserver Feeder ...

    May 21, 2010· These hay bale feeders - save you 30% hay - IMMEDIATELY! Or your MONEY BACK! This new generation of feeder is built with bigger and thicker pipe than before, and come with up to a 10 year warranty!

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